Be Sceptical Of The Sceptics!

Be sceptical of the sceptics. Sceptics often want to have their cake and eat it too. Unfortunately, sometimes that cake is obtained through their deliberate fraud and deception.

Sceptics bag those who claim psychic abilities, seeing monsters, etc. as fantasy prone and seekers of the limelight, yet praise to the hilt the real abilities of two old codgers who claim to have created the initial batch of crop circles. That the two old farts were fantasy prone and seekers of the limelight never entered their minds! Yet anyone crunching the numbers and distances could have quickly determined that the crop circle ‘two’ could not have accomplished what they said they accomplished. They did achieve their 15 minutes (and then some) of fame.

Alien abductions are another case in point. Sceptics suggest that all such claimants are not only fantasy prone but actually dreaming it all up, be it lucid, day, normal, at the awake-sleep interface or the sleep-awake interface. However, each and every individual is just that, an individual with a unique personality, experiences, memories, mental state, and so on. All dreams are unique dreams to that individual. No two individuals have the exact same dream for obvious reasons. So if reports of abductions share many common elements across the board of all individuals who so report them, then maybe being fantasy prone and dreaming of being abducted might have nothing to do with the subject. Perhaps the commonality is that the abductions are real events really remembered, vaguely, in part, or in total. Further, alas for the sceptics, not all abductions happen to people asleep in their bedrooms. Abductions have happened to people wide awake in broad daylight; people awake driving their car, etc.

Arch sceptics in their eagerness to disprove anything and everything that even remotely smacks of the paranormal even resort on occasion to making it all up as they go along. Here’s a case in point. Let’s look at a sceptical guru Joe Nickell’s tome “Real-Life X-Files: Investigating the Paranormal” (University Press of Kentucky; 2001). He has a chapter on ‘The Roswell Legend’ about the UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. He states: “the ‘Roswell Incident,’ as it is popularly known, was propelled into history on July 8, 1947, by an unauthorized press release from a young but eager public information officer (PIO) at the Roswell Army Air Base.” The young eager public information officer, who Nickell can’t even bother to name [it was Lieutenant Walter Haut], most certainly did not release an “unauthorized” press release. No PIO officer would issue a press release off their own bat without the direct order and approval of the Base Commanding Officer [who was Colonel William Blanchard] or in their absence, the Deputy Base Commander. Every Roswell tome makes it crystal clear that Colonel Blanchard dictated the press release to Haut and ordered Haut to then distribute it to the various media outlets. Nickell’s account is pure fabricated fiction. But Nickell doesn’t stop there with one inaccuracy. Nickell goes on to state that “… the young officer was reprimanded and new information was announced… “. Lieutenant Haut was NEVER reprimanded. He couldn’t have been reprimanded since Haut was acting on the direct instruction from the Base Commander. Further, the Base Commander, Colonel Blanchard was himself never reprimanded for having ordered the press release. Blanchard rose to become a four-star general, something unlikely in the extreme had Blanchard been formally reprimanded. Whether Nickell perpetrated a deliberate fraud/lie making this all up out of thin air or whether he was just being lazy by not checking out the real bona-fides of the scenario, it’s hard to say. The upshot however is that Nickell is totally discredited as a serious sceptic. He has an agenda, a biased agenda.

But Nickell isn’t the only careless sceptic. There’s also James Randi, often billed as “The Amazing Randi” for his abilities as a professional magician and escape artist. But it’s Randi’s professional work as a debunker of all things paranormal that he’s most famous for. One such tome of his is titled “Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns and other Delusions” (1982). Why “unicorns” are in the title is beyond me since they are never mentioned in the text nor are they listed in the index. Be that as it may, Randi didn’t do his homework when associating book titles and contents or their authors. For example, he says that John Fuller waxed lyrical over the Betty and Barney Hill UFO abduction incident in his book “Incident at Exeter”. Actually, Fuller’s recounting of the Hill’s abduction was in his book “The Interrupted Journey: Two Lost Hours ‘Aboard A Flying Saucer'”. Randi’s other oops was saying that the co-author of George Adamski’s first UFO book was the Earl of Clancarty, otherwise better known as Brinsley Le Poer Trench. Alas, the co-author of Adamski’s book was not Trench, but Desmond Leslie! If you can’t believe the sceptics, who can you believe?

Is Black Magic Real?

I am a Black Witch. There. I’ve said it. A professional, full-time, genuine Black Witch. And the question I am asked more than any other… is Black Magic real?

Absolutely! Well, magic is real, but it’s not necessarily always Black or White.

A Brief History of Witchcraft

Long ago – long before doctors, and lawyers, and therapists – the world was full of people – as it is today. These people still got. Occasionally they still felt wronged and wanted justice. And other times they would get their hearts broke. They would feel lonely, or inadequate, or lost, or unable to cope – just as people do today.

But back in those days, these people would visit someone like me. A Witch. Someone who would give them a potion, or cast a spell, or lift a curse – someone who could put the world to rights again.

Wasn’t it all hocus pocus?

Some of those potions that witches were administering all those years ago have since been proven by scientists to have had medicinal properties. But there is still a lot of unexplained ‘magic’ (or magick as it is sometimes spelt) that has been passed down through the generations.

Witches and Witchcraft is alive and well in the twenty-first century. And if it didn’t work… well frankly I’d be out of a job.

But isn’t Black Magic and Witchcraft evil?

Imagine there is a little old lady living in a hut just outside the village. Nobody knows much about her but they do know that she seems to have the power to solve their problems.

If they have a cold, she has a potion they can take, and a few days later they’re starting to feel a whole lot better. If they’re feeling lonely, or they’re in need of a husband, she has a spell – and a few days later they’re attracting the attentions of the gorgeous man in the next. Word spreads – there’s this lady can perform spells, and they work!

That’s a lot of power for one little old lady.

For over 500 years the Church, the establishment, the scientists of the day – anyone for whom power and respect was a commodity – sought to blacken the name of Witches, Witchcraft and Magic. That little old lady is evil. She works with the devil. Her Magic is BLACK MAGIC.

Well you know how quickly negative gossip spreads!

For much of the 15th 16th and 17th century this onslaught of negative PR meant that anyone suspected of being a witch was routinely tortured or executed. Even today witches are portrayed as ugly, evil creatures. Very little has actually changed

Does Black Magic really work?

If you mean can I use ‘black’ magic to fix your broken heart, find you a new husband, seek revenge on your cheating ex-wife or lift a curse that has been put on you then yes, it works.

If however you want me to turn you into a dragon, make sure you win the lottery, change the minds of a jury or spring your no good boyfriend from prison – then no, that I can’t do.

And how do I know? Well I’ve cast hundreds of spells and curses over the years and have built up quite a reputation for success. I’ve had invitations to weddings from Brides and Grooms who have found their soul mates after a successful spell casting, I’ve been sent photos of yachts, houses and jewellery that proud owners never thought they would own and I’ve been invited to the opening of so many new shops and business ventures that were only ever a dream before they had me cast a spell for them. So ‘yes’ it most definitely works.

I am the modern-day counterpart to the solitary young woman, living in the hut, in the woods, in ancient times. Except that I do not live in a hut. Or in the woods. Like my sisters before me I charge a fee for my services and I certainly do not take on every case I am offered. But if I can help, I will.

I offer Spells. And curses. To genuine, thoughtful clientele. I can also lift curses for those I feel I can genuinely work with.

Creating Wealth Through Magick

Wealth isn’t something most people understand.

Is it assets? Is it money? Is it having a lot of houses that pay you rent?

What. On. Earth. Is. It?

Now that you’re thoroughly bewildered, let’s work in reverse.

Let’s say a rich dude who owns a bunch of houses he rents out losses everything within one month.

He made $50,000 a month from rent (just an example), and he thinks he has wealth (assets).

When he loses everything, can he rebuild 80% of everything within 5 years?

I bet that he thinks he can’t. And even if he could, are those really assets?

Is he relying on markets being stable? Was he relying on those houses retaining their value?

What he didn’t realize was that he wasn’t directly using a skill to build up his wealth – he was relying on those physical rental properties the whole time to bring in his income.

Think about it.

Wealth is about having the skills that bring you those properties. If everything was lost tomorrow do you have the skills to rebuild from absolutely nothing?

I bet the rich dude doesn’t think like that.

Most people consider wealth to be the physical stuff. I have to disagree.

An earthquake hits, then maybe a tornado – how does that affect his wealth (his skills) when those rental properties become lost?

He literally has no assets or wealth considering that it was all lost over night. That’s not wealth. And it makes sense, doesn’t it?

How does magick relate to all of this?

Most of the time we don’t think about education as wealth, but it sort of is.

It’s a trade, it’s a skill.

You gain the foundation through school (some industries just rely on self knowledge), then blossom out that skill through your own hard work and grit – personal experience.

I guarantee that most people don’t remotely think of wealth in this way, and that’s sort of why most people don’t like to concentrate on using magick for money and wealth. Most don’t really see what’s going on – and that needs to change.

Most often they are guided to grow their skills, open their eyes to a new industry, or else increase their existing businesses in a way that makes them masters of their trade.

I’ve gone through many trials using magick to boost my money life and have seen it all when it comes to life giving me crap – especially when it came to developing myself and my work life.

I’ve seen businesses come and go, but where do they go to?

The ones who have a serious, long term skill just make their income from another location. They open another shop or work in some other way. Wealth is a skill, never the physical stuff that you have.

The physical stuff is only ever a byproduct of wealth.

So where do we go from here with our magick?

Work with the spirits to give you guidance to the right industry that you can master. If you’re already in a business then they can guide you to the right skills that you can use to boost your sales and thereby profit.

Did we go a different direction with wealth than expected?

That is likely because you had an erroneous definition of wealth from the start. Most businessmen do though, and that’s where the problem lies.

We try to model ourselves after those who are successful in the industries we want to flourish in, but what if wealth to them is different than how we think of wealth (and that’s literally the case).

All you have to do is shift your idea of how to become invaluable to people. Doesn’t matter if it’s at work or in a business.

How do you become so skilled in whatever it is that you’re doing that people simply cannot ignore you?

You enhance your skill set to the point that people gravitate to you and love your work.

Here are some spirits that can help you do that:

Andrealphus – Life breakthrough in relation to what business / career you should aim for.

Camio – Causes insight in relation to the skills you need to further your business / career.

Sallos – Increases understanding of our industries in relation to becoming a master of our trade.

Many people think that the idea of wealth only applies to business, but it is a parallel in the work world as well.

If one place fires you or lays you off, your skills are valuable to another place and they pick you up.

You might have to apply to that other place, but if you have no skills how is anyone ever going to see you as valuable? It doesn’t make sense.

So, really, this is about increasing your skills to the point that people cannot ignore, which in turn gives you financial freedom in very different ways than people think.

Didn’t think of wealth like that, did you?

This is why I’m certain that wealth turns out to be very different than what most people expect.

They’re looking for ideas and money to come out of thin air – if they even have spirits help them at all – and it just doesn’t work like that.

On my early trial of using magick to enhance my financial life I came across a new industry and was guided to the right people to learn from, modeling what they do, then I made it better. I learned and made my own system off that – skills that were, at the time, actually invaluable and I didn’t see it that way.

On my next run, I came across a supposedly saturated industry, but it was nothing like I thought. This industry was about hard work and grit. It had the illusion of being low barrier to entry (very easy to get into, but getting customers can be a pain), but it was very different than what most people think.

I had the very surreal realization in that second run that having amazing skills in a huge highly paid market was needed – crucial to getting basically anywhere in any industry.

Then on my latest attempt, I had the idea to do my ritual for hire site. I mastered open handed summoning (talking to the spirits directly) and got results for myself and others. This is not something that’s common, but I spoke to the spirits and did hundreds of rituals to gain mastery in my trade where doing what I do now isn’t even heard of.

That’s what I’m talking about; having skills so deep and rare that it seems unreal to others that what you do is possible.

Is it something that’s difficult or challenging?

Don’t think that way, or else it WILL be that way.

You see how this works?

Build up your skills and follow your gut (and the spirits) and see where that takes you.

Need a financial breakthrough?

How to Deal With Difficult Family and Friends With Magick

Let’s say you’re having a rough time.

You have challenges at work / at home and things are just a bit crazy.

It’s during these times that we tend to have problems with other things as well…

… like with friends and family, perhaps?

It’s not even a joke that there are time periods we can almost feel that the energy is completely rough and wrong. Everything feels like it’s going wrong during these periods.

Other times it starts with our loved ones giving us a hard time and we literally don’t know what to do.

Kind of frustrating, isn’t it?

I don’t have a solution, just a way to make things a little tiny bit better (a lot better actually).

What if you could call on certain angels to just get other people to see your situation better – to stop judging, and to stop being so critical when we’re having a rough time.

Does it make sense to allow others to derail your well-being just because they don’t understand?

Not only is it frustrating, it can be borderline unethical is many instances.

Let’s not make that mistake of allowing others not to understand…

Chahuiah – Power to get friends and loved ones to have perfect understanding of your situation through insight and discourse

Yeyilel – Enable others to understand your situation through emotions and intellect (not just get it, but understand what you’re going through emotionally as well)

Gaap – Creates emotional understanding on a deep level for other people’s situations

Vual – Creates deep understanding of your situation or other people’s situation so you better understand things emotionally and intellectually.

These are slightly different powers than what most people know, but they’re 100% effective at getting you a better home life.

I have used them on myself and others – take note that some of these powers can be used to help you understand your own situation – and everything got better over time.

I’ve even used this on romantic relationships and you wouldn’t believe the crap that couples misunderstand about each other. Within a week or so they’re better and the conflict was literally nothing. That’s why this is so easy, the conflict was hardly anything.

But this is also why I enjoy exploring angels and demons sort of equally.

They have different ways of attacking the same situation; sort of different angles to deal with the same problem.

Although, it’s not really our problem, is it? It’s literally just misunderstanding.

People who judge too early, believe facts that aren’t true, or just misperceive an entire situation… it just gets messy, doesn’t it?

What if you want to understand a situation, whether it’s you or a loved one, in complete totality?

Ronove – Reveal the truth of a situation; understand everything that is relevant and important to give you fuller understanding of the whole situation.

This should be enough to give you illumination into the situation, but is it really enough to resolve all drama?

I’m not saying these spirits can help with absolutely everything, but they can easily reduce confusion and just get people to “get it” when it comes to whatever is going on.

It’s not that hard, but people make it that way.

You might have a tendency to use Ronove right away to reveal the whole situation, but I implore you to use the other spirits to get everyone in the situation to understand everything holistically – just to get everyone on the same page.

Even the simplest of situations can get convoluted by lies and misperception (they don’t see what you see and they likely judge too early).

It’s hard to deal with people like that, but with the proper spiritual help it’s never too hard.

Letting Go of Fear With Magick

Here we have a pretty interesting topic.

What fears have held you back over the years?

Has it been of random stuff that freaks you out, or something much deeper that you can’t pinpoint.

Did you know that demons have a speciality in this?

Angels can help, but demons are pretty good at resolving issues like fears that can cripple us for years.

Did you know that they could dig deeply into the stuff that holds you back in ways you couldn’t understand before?

Yep, this is pretty powerful stuff.

Marchosias – Enables us to understand our fear, thereby letting us release it

Sabnock – Gives us understanding of what holds us back (our fears) so that we can let go

For fear, the angels have a slightly different take on things.

They resolve things from deeper understanding, helping us to resolve things that are very obscure, sometimes to the point where we never realized a fear could go so deep, and some of you know exactly what I mean.

The angels can help bring us past that point of not understanding and desperately clinging onto our fears long term…

Lehachiah – Brings us deep understanding of past fears and situations where it held us back. We then transcend that fear that letting it go

Yelahiah – Gives deep understanding of fears, guilt and shame so that we understand how it has held us back. We then self-reflect on how damaging it has been, and transcend it (let it go)

What if we have a deep seated fear that we don’t know we had?

That’s not as obscure as you think. The spirits can dig this out and show you what’s wrong.

It’s sort of like going to a therapist who actually knows what they’re talking about; it almost doesn’t compare.

Long ago I used a few angel and demon combinations that I wasn’t sure would work, and the next spirit popped up randomly revealing an interesting power I didn’t think he had.

Halphas – Gives deep understanding of fears you can’t directly understand or that you don’t know you have; you just vaguely know you’re fearful of certain things, but you don’t know what they are.

Do you see how powerful this is now?

It can be tremendously illuminating to release stuff you never knew you had bogging you down.

Can you imagine releasing from that crap that literally creeps up on you unexpectedly?

Once you understand that your fears are deeper than you imagine, you’ll get a feel for how deep everything can seriously get.

Halphas has the unique ability to get us to understand our fear in a very interesting way. We understand it from its deepest roots, thereby knowing how to let go and sort of releasing everything from the very start of the problem.

That’s not an easy thing to do on your own, and many people have tried to do it but can’t feel into it.

Improving Memory and Intelligence With Magick

This is a big topic that everyone needs but don’t really think about.

Everyone wants to improve their memory but tend to forget they need it.

They want to boost their intelligence but don’t have the foresight to see how that’s done.

It’s a crazy topic but the spirits can help. Whether its angels or demons, we’re going to explore how they can help us think clearer, remember more, and be better with our brains in general.

I initially used spirits to help me become a better writer.

I wrote fiction and non-fiction and needed the mental clarity and memory to remember everything and it was very frustrating to lose track of my thoughts in the middle of writing.

Then I had some spirits help me improve my thought flow so I wouldn’t forget stuff as easily. Randomly my mental clarity and general intelligence sort of boosted, and I didn’t expect that.

These spirits can literally help with memory and intelligence, even in obscure ways, and you’ll be shocked at how simple it can happen.

Mahasiah – Improves memory and general intelligence (lasting mental clarity)

Hakemiah – Improves intelligence as it relates to your career and general study (school, vocational study, work study etc)

The demons are not different, really.

They just target other aspects of the same thing. Memory and intelligence can be enhanced by many spirits, but here are a few somewhat lesser known spirits that can help you out.

Valac – Enhances memory and intelligence in general

Aim – Provides a general enhancement to memory and mental clarity

Some don’t care how the memory boost happens, they just want it to happen.

Think of it like wanting to fix a broken car; you just want the thing fixed within reasonable means (cost + how far the mechanic is).

That’s literally like working with the spirits. They’re always ethical – and they reject unethical requests all the time, which is why some magician’s magick doesn’t work (think about it). But the demons are just as effective in many ways as the angels, they just work a little differently.

When I boosted my memory I realized I needed to boost my intelligence and creativity. But then I realized that creativity is related to intelligence in other ways I hadn’t really considered before, and as long as I boosted my daily mental clarity, other stuff would follow.

I tasked the spirits to boost my memory when I most needed it, and that helped with different written and mentally intensive projects I had.

This is how I know this can help others 10 times over because I used it during a very difficult part of my life and it helped a ton.

Then I discovered a demon that was very useful for holistic brain enhancement – he could pretty much do everything.

Phenex – Improve your brain in all ways that count; enhance mental clarity (to know what you need to do), boost your intelligence gradually over time and improve memory for short and long term uses.

It’s not even a joke how effective Phenex and the others have been. Nothing short of life changing in certain circumstances.

This isn’t even about work and studying.

It’s more about generally enhancing your brain so that you don’t have to worry about memory, thinking clearly and intelligence in the long term.

Is this something everyone needs? Yes, but not quite in the way that you think.

Phenex also has the power to prevent brain degradation in the elderly, or even if you just feel like you’re losing your mental edge, he can help you retain and boost what you have.

Don’t think of the spirits just has a supplement to what you already do.

They can just as easily help you with retaining what you already have. Sort of like mental insurance, in an obscure but useful way.

Will you forget I wrote this post?

I hope not.

I literally task the spirits to guide the right people to read my posts at the right time.

So you’re here for a reason.

Let’s not forget that.

Do Some Humans Have Telepathic Abilities?

Do some humans now have telepathic abilities, yes, but it is spotty, hit and miss. Are some humans better at this than others, of course, and with practice these humans could hone their skills and eventually be more accurate with it. Now then, it probably is possible for most humans to do limited telepathy, but with all the frequency pollution of our electronic world, all the Chlorine and Fluoride in the water, all the over-eating humans do, it’s probably not very probably, even with practice for 90% of the humans on Earth.

Still, when we discover tribes of humans that have been isolated and on their own, they seem to be good at this. There are documented cases in Africa of tribes doing this, and mothers and babies seem to communicate too. Maybe it is the bacteria in the gut that does this, maybe it is quantum communication, detectable by the body’s neurons in the gut? I am not sure how this works.

Dolphins seem to have the ability to communicate without making any noise miles away. I don’t know how it works. Dolphin Pods eat the same thing together, so I their gut bacteria is the same, maybe this has something to do with it. I suspect other species can still do this and humans once did too, some humans still can I imagine, but much is now hit-and-miss. Inter-species communication is also probably possible, pet owners with dogs note this.

Many believe that some humans with certain DNA and family lines can do telepathy, wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Although I don’t know if this is some sort of wives tale, conspiracy theory or urban legend. Even if it isn’t happening to any large or small extent now, soon humans will communicate without speaking. There are devices now that can let humans do this, but I think biologically humans probably have the capability without all this awesome new technology. For instance; we already have a device that uses vocal cords, without the actual voice sound to send messages to the ears of those with the other side of the communication device. Our special forces use these now, it was a project funded by DARPA.

So this is one way we can do telepathy with technology, rather than using evolved natural human telepathy, which I am thinking some humans can no longer do, but a good many humans with the right genetics can do it if they practice using it. Like the brain or a muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Human biology adapts to the environment. A group of humans living in the jungle learns to navigate in total darkness, and probably uses telepathy to communicate. Someone in the modern world can’t – too much interference and noise, visual overload, etc.

If you’d like to learn more or are a skeptic like me, a good person to study out there is Rupert Sheldrake. Some call him a quack scientist, but that’s only because modern science probably doesn’t yet understand all of what’s going on. Sheldrake himself can’t explain it, yet appears to document such cases often enough. I think all humans have had the experience of thinking about someone and then the phone rings and there they are on the other line. Coincidence? Hmmm? Mom’s and sons and daughters have these things happen most often. How does that work? Don’t know. But they share DNA, so maybe?

Just thinking out loud, apparently, like telepathy, thinking appears to also be a lost or highly endangered art.

Develop A Clear Understanding Of Your Spiritual Path Using Magick

If you have ever wanted to know what your personal path is, it is far easier than you think to discover.

This is about understanding who you truly are, then pushing to clearly comprehend where you need to go from here.

Most people don’t understand that knowing who you are and what you want to do in life is sort of automatic once you understand yourself.

You just do what you’re aligned with and don’t think about it too much – it’s an automatic thing, and once you think about it you realize everything is pretty much in order – nothing is out of place.

Those who are thinking about it likely aren’t in the right place in life.

They’re slightly off track and need to re-align to their correct path – which might feel a little weird, but is entirely necessary.

Think of this like not knowing what you want to focus on in school – then just doing whatever you think would allow you to buy some time so that you can figure things out later.

You would end up with schooling that doesn’t really align with who you truly are – and that’s the problem for most people – they don’t see that you have to have things figured out before you select your classes.

I’m not saying that you have to figure everything out before the first day of school – you just have to know in general what you want to do and fill in the blanks from there.

Some people don’t really think about their classes, but know generally that they are on the right paths.

Though it might be a risk to think of it that way – life in general is a risk.

You can’t plan everything out thoroughly in a way a daily routine can be mapped out – everything has to be adlibbed, sometimes on a daily basis, so that you can feel into your experience – your spiritual path and thereby understand where you need to go.

It’s a very subtle change that happens when you know where you’re going versus not understanding where you’re going but still charging ahead.

Just imagine if you didn’t know where you were going, but you just drove your car on the freeway – vaguely trying to get somewhere you weren’t really sure about.

That’s not how anyone does anything, but you can use tools to help guide you – you don’t have to feel lost all the time.

The spirits can guide us in ways that some have likely never imagined.

They can guide us to understanding ourselves, our spiritual path, and specifically where to go from here, and that’s a beautiful thing…

Gaap – Guides you to understand your life path in very clear and specific terms; you just understand where and why you need to go, then enables you to understand which steps to take and when.

Michel (fallen angel) – Enables you to understand your life path in a very specific and clear way; you just comprehend how you need to act and what steps you need to take and when. You fully get where you have been, why you were there, and where you need to go from here in totality.

These spirits can open your eyes and reveal why you have been on your current path, and why you need to change direction and explore elsewhere.

Though this is not a small change, the positive directional change in your life will enable you to see, feel and experience your true life path in full without compromise.

You will just know you’re aligned with yourself without any questions.

Some spirits specialize in guiding others onto their paths, and it can be equally difficult to help others see where they need to go.

They need a big change, and you can feel that they don’t really know where to go from here.

This is a big move, but the spirits can help them see where they need to shift their lives…

Lavel (fallen angel) – Guides the target to understand their life and where they need to go; they comprehend fully and completely where they need to go, their life path so far, and all the steps needs to get where they need to be.

Kratos (Greek spirit) – Grants the target deep understanding of their life path so far and guides them to see where they need to go from here; enables them to see deeply into their life paths so that the future isn’t confusing whatsoever – they just know where they need to go, when to move, and how to get there without any confusion.

Though we might be guiding others on their journeys, we can still seek guidance for ours.

No single path is an island, and you have the ability to help others as you seek out your own path.

Just don’t fall into the trap of coercing others into a path that makes no sense for them – that’s what the people who have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about like to espouse onto others.

It’s not remotely a good idea to feign spiritual understanding and give life guidance to those who are in need of some direction.

If their life compass doesn’t work, how can they guide others to know what direction they need to go?

It doesn’t make sense, but the spirits know who is trustworthy and can guide you and others to finding their paths.

We just can’t fall for the spiritual charlatans that want to derail us and guide us to become more confused.

This is about us and guiding others to align with who they truly are as we align to who we truly are.

The spirits can help us and they can guide others as well – but you need to be open to accepting a potentially huge life change depending on what your true life path is.

Understanding And Transcending Past Pain And Sorrow Through Magick

Letting go of past pain and discomfort from the past is one thing.

Understanding it and moving beyond it so that you have learned from it is another thing entirely.

This is what separates those who learn a deep life lesson from those who let time heal their wounds, only to find that those same wounds open up later causing them great pain and frustrating.

Time doesn’t heal wounds like that. We think it does, until we confront those painful lessons later and realize it is not resolved whatsoever.

Can you imagine if you did that with something like your car?

You pretend that the problem is fixed, and drive it around ignoring the fact it doesn’t quite run correctly.

Then suddenly – randomly – one day it doesn’t run at all.

That’s not what anyone wants to deal with – and if you allow those old significant issues to linger around – it’s going to run you over emotionally once you remember you didn’t want to deal with it when it was supposed to be dealt with.

These are not issues that you delay for later hoping that they just go away.

That’s not how deep problems like this work – and you know that this is the case.

Never has an ignored issue just gone away – it morphs and becomes something totally more grotesque later on.

It’s not quite what you think after you try to forget about it. And you never completely forget about it – do you?

A couple spirits can help you understand and transcend old issues…

Daniel – Causes you to reflect on past issues in a way that you understand them and completely move on from them; allows you to let go of them completely in a way that is healthy and you get to move on forever.

Mivahiah (fallen angel) – Enables you to reflect on the past in a way that you understand and move on from past issues completely; you understand what happened and transcend from those emotions in a way that allows you to completely move on.

These are not small issues, but they are problems that can be resolved in a way that you completely understand them.

It’s not a big deal, if you don’t make them that way.

No problem is ever that bad once you reflect on it, understand it fully, and move on from it.

How can you tell if you’ve moved on from a problem?

You don’t talk about it.

That’s how you know some people just aren’t over their past issues.

This isn’t a big deal, because we’re removing the emotional charge from it.

Talk about it less, and it becomes less of a problem. But some people don’t get that.

Sometimes it’s a huge problem because they talk about it around others who don’t want to deal with it or hear about those issues any more.

You know it’s not a problem for them because they don’t care about those issues anymore – but others might try to make it an issue – and that’s when things can get hairy.

It’s not a good situation when that happens – and that’s when more misunderstandings can happen – which no one wants.

Two more spirits can help resolve these problems and situations completely, once and for all…

Amon – Causes the target to remove all problematic thoughts and emotions regarding a certain topic in a way that they no longer think and feel any negative emotions toward it; they release from those topics completely.

Poiel (fallen angel) – Enables the target to release all problematic thoughts and emotions regarding a topic such that they don’t think or feel negatively toward it; allows them to move on from that issue completely forever.

These spirits can get others to stop dwelling on the past in a way that is completely freeing – allowing them to move on from stuff they never should have held onto.

This is something that everyone should do for their past issues.

We might not think of it in terms of understanding the past – because we likely don’t want to think about the issues – but we have to consider them in a way that we fully comprehend what went on, then we can move on.

Without understanding there will always be a question of what really went on.

You’ll always feel it, and it won’t really go away until the tension is resolved – and you just understand what really happened for that situation.

Once that misunderstanding is gone – you’ll know that everything is fine, because you’ll stop thinking about it.

It’s not about trying to dig up the past to purposefully feel terrible emotions again – it’s about confronting those old issues in a way that is completely liberating.

Destroying The Past And Embracing A New Successful Future With The Egyptian Spirits

One of the first things we need to do in order to move forward sometimes is to let go of the past.

This is far easier said than done many times, but we have to do it in order to live a better life – and we know that we can’t live in the past while we also bring in a far stronger and better future. It just doesn’t work like that, and we know that.

But it can be hard – a challenge for many to embody this kind of idea and life, thereby naturally and forever releasing those old rutted ideas that have stuck with them for too many years.

We can’t stay in the idle and buried past, full of our regrets, torment and just nasty events that we don’t want to think about – so we have to let go of all of that, and embrace full release so that a new life can slide into place.

The Egyptian spirits are very useful for a huge and significant life transition like what we need to move into a better future, and one spirit can help us achieve what we need…

Bastet – Causes us to bring in a far stronger and more stable life that can’t easily be shaken or taken down through accidents and horrific life circumstances; enables us to have and live a successful life that can’t easily be ripped apart.

This can be a very intense moment of change for those who have lived within their past problems and challenges for way too long.

Just not a situation anyone wants to continue with, but that’s just how they’ve accept their lives to be – and that was not a good decision at all.

In some ways this movement toward a different lifestyle altogether is a needed type of intense form of life, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Figuring out your life situation in such a way that money and personal happiness aren’t a problem anymore can be a little bit of a hurdle to get through – and another spirit can help guide you through these transitions…

Anubis – Guides you to change your mindset in a very big and deep way so that you can completely release from the past and shift your life into a much stronger and more abundant future; enables you to change into a better life without too much life turbulence.

When these massive life changes and shifts finally settle in and you’re living a very different experience because of the newer much wiser choices you have elected to shift your life with – nothing will be the same in the best way possible.

This is about creating a much higher quality of life out of almost nothing, and that’s not a small thing whatsoever.

Life can bring about frightening change when things get sour and difficult, but we have to keep a strong head with focused thoughts so that we don’t get derailed going forward, and one last spirit can guide us into a much more honed in life where we just know what we want and we push to get exactly that…
Imhotep – Allows you to face life challenges and rough situations with level emotions and a clear head so so that nothing is so difficult and you are always motivated with a strong vision of how to reach your biggest goals.

In times of emotional pain and almost torture, where we know that life just doesn’t feel at all good, we just have to reach down deep and understand that it always gets better as long as we keep our focus going forward.

Developing yourself using the spirits can be a very fun and insightful journey as long a you keep pushing toward your goals, the spirits will guide you to wherever you need to go – and that’s a big deal with the bigger things we want to achieve in life that might take years to bring to us.

That is not an impossible thing to reach for your highest self and just have that in your life.

We are not talking about things that aren’t reasonable, but we have to shift our thoughts and beliefs so that everything just happens because we can work toward making them a real thing – and when you embody that with the spirits aid, nothing can stop you.