Using Success Magick to Find Your Breakthrough

What does success mean to you, really?

This is an interesting topic because most people don’t get what success means to them, yet they want it – desperately. Like right now.

If you were at the store and didn’t know what you wanted. Would it be reasonable to expect that thing to be in your cart already?

Of course it’s not.

You would have to first define what you mean by success, but thankfully that’s not the difficult part.

We each have our own personal version of success in a way, and that helps us all to achieve whatever we focus on. Literally not what most people think of when they think of success.

Do you see where I’m going now?

This is about setting your own goals, your own breakthrough threshold so that when you cross the finish line (just a small mini goal – you’ll have several goals over time) you will know when you’ve reached each achievement.

Very simple, isn’t it?

Now, why don’t dive we into some helpful spirits…

Yeyayel – To discover the thing that drives you and gives you motivation to work; this can also be thought of as your success breakthrough where you know exactly what to work on long term so that you can feel and be successful (your passion to work on this thing drives you to work harder).

Aim – Enables you to understand the money related thing that drives you so that you can align your passions with making money (a career, business etc). You can loosely consider this your success breakthrough.

Shub-Niggurath – Creates your wealth discovery where you money and success are aligned; you find the business ideas and/or the career you need to propel yourself forward.

Caerus (Greek spirit) – Leads you to your success breakthrough where you understand how your passions can align with money; you build this into a long term project that grows over time.

Marduk (Sumerian spirit) – Connects your passions (helps you discover this if you haven’t found it yet) and connected that to your wealth path; you develop a business, career etc that helps you grow something long term.

The success breakthrough is not an uncommon thing; it’s actually pretty normal.

People find their talent, let’s say cooking, and explore that as a profession.

They may not always be the thing you wanted; the career might not always be the thing you thought it would be, but that’s only because you aligned the wrong passion with the career. Sometimes we have multiple things we’re interested in, but only one is the thing that really drives us long term.

This is why we have to look to the spirits for guidance.

Would you prefer to make the mistake of following the wrong passion, just to find out in your mid-life crisis that one of your other passions is literally what you should be doing?

Of course not.

We want to find out paths as quickly as possible, so why not align your proper passions with money right away? It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

This is a very interesting way to do things. I know many parents who would jump on this in a heartbeat.

We are not talking about shifting free will or negating fate… this is about becoming who you are meant to be as fast as possible, and knowing what you’re supposed to be doing sooner rather than later.

Again, doesn’t that just make sense?

This is the difference between knowing what you want to do with your life at 21 versus knowing what you want when you’re 40… isn’t that a pretty significant difference?

I won’t even state the obvious here, because most people don’t think this way, but it’s should be a common thing to do.

It’s not something most people even consider earlier in their lives – most just want to do well, but this amplifies all that. You do well right away because you’re doing what you really want; not some foolish choice that leads to a mid-life crisis.

One more spirit want to help out here, and it’s not something you considered before…

Sabnock – Leads you to understand your current path in terms of success and money; you will understand if you are on track or not and what to do to align yourself to the next level for you. She also removes any success misconceptions you have about yourself so that you can do well into the future.

She has a very creative power here, and it is more about transition and personal discovery than making a drastic shift with your life. Sometimes a drastic shift isn’t what we need, it’s just a little nudge in the right direction.

Technically the spirits will guide you to whatever you need for your particular path, but this is about understanding you and your money path as it relates to your future.

I am not trying to make this sound too serious, but really, honestly, it has to be said that most people aren’t in jobs and careers that they really enjoy – and that’s a serious problem.

So there you have it.

The spirits are there. They want to help. And all you have to do is reach out to them.

Not the end.

Maybe the beginning?