Enhancing Your Mental Aptitude And Memory With Magick

The trouble with memory and intelligence is that most people only concentrate on their brains when everything starts slipping – and we need to change that.

You don’t just aim to improve your mental health when things are going wrong – it can be nice to prevent that with a few simple actions that the spirits can guide us on.

We’re not trying to boost our brains to genius levels – that would be nice, but just a little extra mental acuity and thinking speed with a little dash of memory wouldn’t hurt.

Even if you’re young this can be a nasty thing to deal with – knowing that some aspect of your brain isn’t too strong – whether it’s memory, thinking speed, or being able to hold a number of thoughts in your mind at once.

It’s not that we’re slow or anything – we just want that mental edge so that we don’t lose track of our thoughts so easily – and those moments where just lose an idea or thought completely because of memory slippage… that just doesn’t need to happen.

It can be incredibly frustrating to know you were thinking about something, or feel like you had a very strong thought just now – then completely lose it by getting distracted or just not remembering a single thing at all.

This is a combination of memory, focus and mental acuity we’re aiming at boosting here – and it comes through a few simple powers…

Valac – Enables you to think faster and be the best of yourself mentality in all situations that matter most; you are able to think with a little more agility and precision, and you can perfectly express your thoughts to others in a way that best communicates what you need to say.

Once you know what you want to say, the next step is just to get it out there before it gets lost – or just know that you have the mental power to keep it in your mind until the right moment.

Some people have the horrible mental habit of not saying what they need to until the thought gets lost – and it can be a welcomed relief when you are finally able to get everything out, fully expressed and communicated, so that there is no misunderstanding or lost thoughts wandering about.

Other times we just want to be able to remember something that we knew was important, but we just couldn’t keep in conscious thought long enough to say it.

It can be seriously frustrating to know you had a relevant thought that was not unimportant and that you needed for sometime later in the day – and it’s just not a good thing that this keeps happening…

Typhon (Greek spirit) – Causes your memory to enhance in a way that all important thoughts are readily whenever you need without any problems; enables you to remember everything needed for the right time so that you can express or remember everything you need perfectly well.

The next step in this process is to hone your focus so that you don’t easily get distracted, and that can be a huge problem for some people.

Once your focus is lost it can be a nasty struggle to figure out what on earth you were doing – and sometimes that can take far too long to sort out, and before you know it – the day is gone.

That cannot happen to us because we know our time is precious, and it just isn’t good to lose track of your thoughts and what you needed to remember.

Focus comes from your train of thoughts at any given moment, and helps you target your thinking so that distractions are not a problem for you.

When you learn to hone your focus properly, memory and thinking speed tend to align in a way that bring you stronger mental acuity and concentration in general – and one last spirit can help with this…

Cthulhu (the Old Ones) – Boosts your focus over time so that you don’t lose track of your thinking or the crucial things you need to hold in your mind at any one time; enables you to focus yourself at will so that you are always able to hold yourself mentally at all times.

In situations where you need a greater mental boost – these spirits can provide the extra edge that you need in order to get ahead, and it doesn’t require anything extra to achieve this.

It’s about mental balance and guiding your brain to react the way you want it to, and the spirits can help with that – but it must be done preventatively so that you don’t lose track of your thoughts and forget that you needed some extra mental assistance.

We’re not trying to make your brain perfect here – but it can be incredibly useful to boost things so that you are made that much better mentally, at all times with the spirits.