Do Some Humans Have Telepathic Abilities?

Do some humans now have telepathic abilities, yes, but it is spotty, hit and miss. Are some humans better at this than others, of course, and with practice these humans could hone their skills and eventually be more accurate with it. Now then, it probably is possible for most humans to do limited telepathy, but with all the frequency pollution of our electronic world, all the Chlorine and Fluoride in the water, all the over-eating humans do, it’s probably not very probably, even with practice for 90% of the humans on Earth.

Still, when we discover tribes of humans that have been isolated and on their own, they seem to be good at this. There are documented cases in Africa of tribes doing this, and mothers and babies seem to communicate too. Maybe it is the bacteria in the gut that does this, maybe it is quantum communication, detectable by the body’s neurons in the gut? I am not sure how this works.

Dolphins seem to have the ability to communicate without making any noise miles away. I don’t know how it works. Dolphin Pods eat the same thing together, so I their gut bacteria is the same, maybe this has something to do with it. I suspect other species can still do this and humans once did too, some humans still can I imagine, but much is now hit-and-miss. Inter-species communication is also probably possible, pet owners with dogs note this.

Many believe that some humans with certain DNA and family lines can do telepathy, wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Although I don’t know if this is some sort of wives tale, conspiracy theory or urban legend. Even if it isn’t happening to any large or small extent now, soon humans will communicate without speaking. There are devices now that can let humans do this, but I think biologically humans probably have the capability without all this awesome new technology. For instance; we already have a device that uses vocal cords, without the actual voice sound to send messages to the ears of those with the other side of the communication device. Our special forces use these now, it was a project funded by DARPA.

So this is one way we can do telepathy with technology, rather than using evolved natural human telepathy, which I am thinking some humans can no longer do, but a good many humans with the right genetics can do it if they practice using it. Like the brain or a muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Human biology adapts to the environment. A group of humans living in the jungle learns to navigate in total darkness, and probably uses telepathy to communicate. Someone in the modern world can’t – too much interference and noise, visual overload, etc.

If you’d like to learn more or are a skeptic like me, a good person to study out there is Rupert Sheldrake. Some call him a quack scientist, but that’s only because modern science probably doesn’t yet understand all of what’s going on. Sheldrake himself can’t explain it, yet appears to document such cases often enough. I think all humans have had the experience of thinking about someone and then the phone rings and there they are on the other line. Coincidence? Hmmm? Mom’s and sons and daughters have these things happen most often. How does that work? Don’t know. But they share DNA, so maybe?

Just thinking out loud, apparently, like telepathy, thinking appears to also be a lost or highly endangered art.