How to Deal With Difficult Family and Friends With Magick

Let’s say you’re having a rough time.

You have challenges at work / at home and things are just a bit crazy.

It’s during these times that we tend to have problems with other things as well…

… like with friends and family, perhaps?

It’s not even a joke that there are time periods we can almost feel that the energy is completely rough and wrong. Everything feels like it’s going wrong during these periods.

Other times it starts with our loved ones giving us a hard time and we literally don’t know what to do.

Kind of frustrating, isn’t it?

I don’t have a solution, just a way to make things a little tiny bit better (a lot better actually).

What if you could call on certain angels to just get other people to see your situation better – to stop judging, and to stop being so critical when we’re having a rough time.

Does it make sense to allow others to derail your well-being just because they don’t understand?

Not only is it frustrating, it can be borderline unethical is many instances.

Let’s not make that mistake of allowing others not to understand…

Chahuiah – Power to get friends and loved ones to have perfect understanding of your situation through insight and discourse

Yeyilel – Enable others to understand your situation through emotions and intellect (not just get it, but understand what you’re going through emotionally as well)

Gaap – Creates emotional understanding on a deep level for other people’s situations

Vual – Creates deep understanding of your situation or other people’s situation so you better understand things emotionally and intellectually.

These are slightly different powers than what most people know, but they’re 100% effective at getting you a better home life.

I have used them on myself and others – take note that some of these powers can be used to help you understand your own situation – and everything got better over time.

I’ve even used this on romantic relationships and you wouldn’t believe the crap that couples misunderstand about each other. Within a week or so they’re better and the conflict was literally nothing. That’s why this is so easy, the conflict was hardly anything.

But this is also why I enjoy exploring angels and demons sort of equally.

They have different ways of attacking the same situation; sort of different angles to deal with the same problem.

Although, it’s not really our problem, is it? It’s literally just misunderstanding.

People who judge too early, believe facts that aren’t true, or just misperceive an entire situation… it just gets messy, doesn’t it?

What if you want to understand a situation, whether it’s you or a loved one, in complete totality?

Ronove – Reveal the truth of a situation; understand everything that is relevant and important to give you fuller understanding of the whole situation.

This should be enough to give you illumination into the situation, but is it really enough to resolve all drama?

I’m not saying these spirits can help with absolutely everything, but they can easily reduce confusion and just get people to “get it” when it comes to whatever is going on.

It’s not that hard, but people make it that way.

You might have a tendency to use Ronove right away to reveal the whole situation, but I implore you to use the other spirits to get everyone in the situation to understand everything holistically – just to get everyone on the same page.

Even the simplest of situations can get convoluted by lies and misperception (they don’t see what you see and they likely judge too early).

It’s hard to deal with people like that, but with the proper spiritual help it’s never too hard.